About Bird's Choice

A Vision of Quality Wild Bird Products

Dan Bloedorn, President and founder of Birds Choice had a lot of insight back in 1993 when he began building bird feeders in a storage unit. He was inspired because he cared about wild birds and the people who love them. He saw a growing industry that needed quality products. Later he incorporated under the name Backyard Nature Products Inc. In 2006, the bird feeder lines were all consolidated in the Birds Choice name.

Dan and Ruth Bloedorn, Owners

Innovation – Sustainability - Craftsmanship

Dan and Ruth Bloedorn, Owners
Birds Choice wild bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, accessories and equipment feature quality materials, excellent workmanship, and patented innovative designs. Customers enjoy exemplary service which is at the core of all Birds Choice products. Your assurance of quality materials and craftsmanship in every Birds Choice product is based on simple and sustainable choices. The poly-lumber (made out of recycled milk jugs) and inland red cedar products, along with the metal feeders (color domes, small domes, forever feeders) and the aluminum purple martin houses are all made in Chilton, Wisconsin, U.S.A. by a team of dedicated and conscientious employees.

Birds Choice is a very environmentally conscious company. We recycle all scrap, ends and pieces from the poly lumber by returning it to the company where we get our poly lumber, it gets reground and recycled again. Any wood scraps, ends or pieces that are created by our production is ground up for flower bed mulch. We have a cardboard baler and any leftover or scrap cardboard is baled and sent to a recycler to reprocess. We have variable speed motors on our air compressors and dust collection system to use only the minimum electricity required to do the job. We have installed all energy-efficient lighting in our 50,000 ft. manufacturing & warehouse space.

Perfect Choice Furniture is another one of our brands. If you want comfortable backyard furniture that’s built to last a lifetime, choose Perfect Choice Furniture, all built in Chilton, WI.

There are some of our products that are manufactured overseas according to Birds Choice quality specifications and standards. These products are all custom-designed by Birds Choice. These are the polycarbonate feeders, classic feeders and stainless steel feeders. We also distribute some products from other manufacturers to complete our lines, such as Alpen binoculars, Waterford Press field guides, Burley Clay birdbaths, Brome Bird Care squirrel-proof bird feeders, Best-1 hummingbird feeders, Birdwatchers Digest booklets, Window Alert window decals, Allied heated bird baths, Atlas gardening gloves, Droll Yankee tube feeders, and Feeder Fresh products. Do you have a specialty birding store in your area? If you do, look for Birds Choice there, these stores are run by birding experts that have all the answers.

Birds Choice builds only the best products for attracting birds and enhancing backyards for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. We use the best materials and consistently flawless craftsmanship, to make Birds Choice the first name in bird feeders. Our 9 patents used in the designs of our bird-friendly products make our feeders the best on the market today. Removable seed trays in our hoppers and platform feeders make them easy to keep clean, keeping our birds healthy. We custom blend our own bird seed mixes that have no cheap fillers, just the quality ingredients that attract the beautiful birds and keep them well nourished.

Thank you for visiting the Birds Choice website. We strive to bring you the best products available on the market today. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed (see our return policy). Give the birds every reason to visit and keep coming back!

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