Create a "Food Court" for Birds!

Create a "Food Court" for Birds!

Like people, birds have different preferences about what, where, and how they like to eat. The Food Court at the mall attracts a crowd by offering several different food choices. Here’s how you can build a Food Court for the birds in your neighborhood -- attracting a greater variety of birds by providing a variety of foods in a variety of ways.

Fly-through feeders have a roof to protect their food from the elements, and removable screen bottoms for floor drainage for double protection. With this feeder you can feed a variety of seed or fruit depending on the time of the year. As shown, this Birds Choice large cedar fly-through with wrought iron sides attracts the Grosbeaks and Orioles because it has oranges and other seeds that these types of birds crave.

Platform feeders (shown) are shallow frames with durable screened bottoms for drainage. Some have short legs and others mount or hang on poles. On these also, you can vary what you feed to attract different species of birds to your yard.

Hopper feeders have a storage bin that protects food from the weather and holds lots of seed. That’s a real convenience for hard-to-reach feeder locations, and for offering widely popular foods like Black Oil Sunflower seed.

A tube feeder is a section of plastic pipe, enclosed on the ends, with openings and perches up and down its length. Birds seem to find new tube feeders quickly, possibly because the contents are easy to see, and their one-bird-per-perch layout makes for non-competitive feeding visits.

Thistle (nyjer) feeders are tube feeders designed specifically to dispense this tiny seed. Goldfinches, House Finches, and Purple Finches will enjoy your thistle feeder. Our “thistle” is actually premium Indian Nyjer seed (Guizotia abyssinica) and has been sterilized so it will not sprout. To attract more birds, use our Special Finch Mix in a tube or thistle feeder. Besides the premium nyjer seed, the mix includes fine sunflower chips.

Suet feeders dispense a high-energy food made from rendered animal fat. Chickadees, nuthatches and woodpeckers will visit a suet feeder even if they are not interested in any of your other feeders. We offer a variety of suets for a variety of tastes. If squirrels are a problem, use our Hot Pepper suet, birds love it, squirrels hate it!

Oriole feeders dispense jelly and fruit and we have one that in addition to the jelly and fruit, also holds nectar. All are orange in color to attract the orioles.

Hummingbird feeders dispense a nectar substitute that you can easily make with sugar and water. Although red food coloring is not recommended, the color red does attract hummingbirds, so most feeders have red parts. Hang your feeders near red, deep-throated flowers like salvia or fuchsia, and the hummingbirds will find them sooner.

A bird bath may attract more different birds to your yard than anything else you can provide. Keeping a supply of fresh water in your bird bath is easy to do with a mister or dripper which connects directly to your outdoor faucet. Moving water is especially attractive to birds. Birds Choice also has water wigglers and flow rocks for your bird baths.