Tips to Get Rid of Grackles in Your Yard

If you have grackles in your yard raiding your feeders and driving away the birds that you want to feed, here are a few tips:

  • Don't feed bread or other food scraps. Grackles will take advantage of almost any food source available. Food scraps will attract other rodents into your yard as well.
  • Use suet feeders that require birds to cling upside-down to eat. Birds Choice has numerous upside-down suet feeders that are grackle-resistant. Woodpeckers and nuthatches will have no problem using them.
  • Don't allow spilled seed to accumulate under your feeders. Grackles like to feed on the ground.
  • Don't use cheap seed mixes that contain fillers such as cracked corn. Grackles love corn. Stick to the basics such as sunflower, nutrasaff, safflower or nyjer seed.
  • Use a feeder that allows you to control the size of the bird that feeds from it. On the Birds Choice classic feeder, the baffle/weather guard is adjustable. Moving it closer to the perches eliminates the bigger birds like grackles from using it.
  • Remember that you don't always have a choice of what species come to your feeders. It may be tough to exclude the birds you don't like while feeding the birds that you do want at your feeders.